Who We Are

Kemsing LTC is a thriving tennis club in the village of Kemsing, just outside Sevenoaks in Kent. The club has 4 floodlit tennis courts in excellent condition and has a new, modern and spacious clubhouse.

The adult section enters Mens, Ladies and Mixed Teams in the County tennis leagues and has both competitive and social club sessions. Juniors also enter teams in the Aegon Tennis Leagues and a full coaching programme is provided to help juniors enjoy the game and reach their potential.

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Where to Find Us

Our location is perfect to drive from places such as Sevenoaks which is only a 12-minute drive. From areas like Vigo and Meopham Village we are are only 15-minutes away. With ample parking space, lovely views and welcoming community we are perfect for any hobbyist or enthusiast of tennis.

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Member Feedback 2023

We had 41 responses to the member survey issued in November 2022, and I am pleased to share the headlines and the member comments on what you enjoy about the club, and what could be improved.

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Personal Highlights

Finals day


Have been happy with improving my standard of tennis and making some new friends

Helping mens 1s win league

Matchplay finals

I won a set! It was a Tuesday and a full moon.

Guidance from some good players, and their forbearance on Tuesday evening to tolerate my inconsistencies.

Tennis elbow!!

Thoroughly enjoy myself every time I play there.

The American tournament

Everyone made me feel welcome even though I am 11

Finals Days, good social, great food, fair price, enjoyable day.

Finals Day (though Luke and I didn’t make it there)

Strong start to my playing career in the Mens 2s. Looking forward to (hopefully) playing a lot for teams during the spring summer campaign

Finals day and the tribute to ken

Great open day, fantastic team results and amazing comradery

The open day

Mens 1 & 2 winning the winter league okay off finals.

Backhand winner past Matt on a Wednesday night, very sweet hit.

Summer Tournament

Retaining Super Duper Old Git Trophy

Always a friendly club

Winning division 8 with the Men’s 2 team

Managing to be able to walk after being on the court for three hours in a singles match !!!

I really enjoy the social sessions on the weekend, it’s a very friendly club and exactly what I was looking for when I joined

Seeing Matt Bance take over the club captaincy and take it onto another level

What would improve the club?

1) Some dark coloured mesh netting at serve height at the back of the courts. On the lower courts especially the ball gets lost in the trees a bit when someone is serving, also happens on top courts to lesser extent. Could be sponsored or branded with Kemsing LT or just blank. 2) A regular supply of long life milk for the clubhouse. We have tea and coffee but often no milk. I have often supplied some and left it in fridge but it would be a small but welcome expense to be funded and arranged by the club. 3) A table-tennis table. Can be folded up and put away when not in use. Would be nice for those who are waiting for a game, if the weather turns, if people want something else to do. They have a nice one at Chipstead which is often used, also one at Otford and other clubs. 4) Some club merchandise. Shirts for team members so they are coordinated but also available to everyone else to advertise the club. Perhaps a competition or design input from members. Also dampeners with Kemsing logo. Perhaps can be given away to kids who attend the school program etc. and given to members or available at a nominal charge. 5) More social events. Quiz nights, poker, golf, some fun variation tournaments to mix up players, handicaps or something. A fixture of 50 over cricket against Kemsing CC which is reciprocated with a tennis match of 4 x doubles or something. Get the BBQ out on the bank holiday days! 6) If something could be done about the really bright flood lights on the lower courts it would be good. Also the upper courts to a lesser extent. 7) Ball machine. I hear it got destroyed in the fire. I would love to have the option of going up for an hour and just hitting balls from a machine sometimes.

Better floodlights

Great as it is

Placing 50mm cylindrical post padding around flood lights to prevent injury

not that I am aware of

A firing squad for those who pull balls back under the fence.

A way of finding other players who have time for a social knockabout which is not WhatsApp. It would be great to find people at my level who might want to play.


Would just like to thank you all for making Kemsing such a lovely club.

The facilities are very good.

Table tennis, more fun days for families with bbq etc.

Hedge a little higher at the front to block out traffic. Green shield netting on lower courts adjacent to car park.

No, think the recent improvements are great

Synthetic Clay courts & Perfect Draft machine.

Nope, all good. Superbly run club

None I can think of

Easier to buy new tennis balls – honesty box?

I like the idea of a table tennis table to use during rain showers. Glad we have a recycle bin, we can do better with this/recycling. Do the balls get recycled, seems a waste if not? Would be courteous not to leave old tubes lying on courts…..I’m moaning now….. Keep up the good work! Thanks!

Not really

I think if we wanted to increase revenue and memberships we should see if we could convert the two upper courts that are never used to Padel. Sundridge did this and repaid their investment in three months . I am a member at the Knole also and have raised it there along with other members and they are now taking it seriously and conducting a feasibility study to construct one court . It’s the fastest growing sport in the Uk now and the future

I understand a number of players (myself included) are less frequently attending ‘team training’ on a Monday as there are – with respect – a high number of players below the standard of our teams that regularly turn out. I enjoy the social sessions on Tues/Weds/Sat/Sun as well but Monday now barely feels any different. As such some of the Monday matches serve no purpose beyond a social capacity which defeats the object of ‘team practice’, where we should be focusing on match pairs, and improving the competitive teams. In fact, it appears the whole message has got lost – on several occasions, certain players this year seem to react very negatively when an actual match practice 4 was arranged on a Monday that didn’t include them…. I thought that was the whole point of Monday’s. I would ask the committee to either a) Make Mondays social like every other session or b) Remind members that Monday is team practice by invite only. After all, everyone else has Tues/Weds/Sat/Sun……..

Love the club


Synthetic Clay courts, a full service bar, team kit.

An all weather surface on the courts would be great, real clay but if not then the fake stuff like Sevenoaks.

No. New member

Bottom court flood lights are quite dazzling and distracting. Also noticed puddles collecting st the back of bottom courts once or twice after rainfall which was weird as they usually drain very well.

Ban Mark Chandler?!

Maybe some more in club night competitions

That team practice nights on a Monday only have team players involved on that night.

Everything good.

I can’t think of anything – think all is pretty good!

Clubhouse and facilities I think are fantastic!

Make Monday’s team night – team playing standard players only especially that we have so many good players now (it’s always been the elephant in the room).

Possibly introducing a ladder competition. An additional tennis/BBQ event during the year.

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Welfare Officer

For any questions regarding our welfare at Kemsing LTC please contact Lesley Jones.

Telephone: 07827464481

Safeguarding Policy

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Contact Us

If you have any questions or queries relating to Kemsing LTC we would be happy to answer anything by sending an email to:

Or phone us on

07957 198747

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