Club Tournament

It is Finals Day and the weather looks like being dry and sunny. We have seen over 40 members compete across the Summer to get to our eight finalists. There have been some epic matches, great tennis and a few upsets. Thanks to all who have completed there matches in good time (the ladies and the elderly gents). Due to scheduling issues, this week saw coach Steve in three semi finals but we have got here in the end. Today’s order of play is below, and we hope to see as many members as possible for a fun day of exciting tennis, delicious BBQ & buffet and a wide range of tasty drinks. We ask for a £5 donation if you are having lunch, and £10 if you are settling in for the afternoon and having a few glasses of wine/fizz, or beers. We aim to have a contactless option on site.

Finals Day – Order of Play


Men’s Singles 2022 (2021 Champion Andy Bourne)
Ladies Singles 2022 (2021 Champion Anita Van Hensburg)
Men’s Doubles 2022 (2021 Champions Andy Bourne & Matt Gregson)
Ladies Doubles 2022 (2021 Champions Anita Van Hensberg & Alison Wickham)
Mixed Doubles 2022 (2021 Champions Matt Bance & Jane Ladbury)
Men’s Vets Singles (45) 2022 (2021 Champion Ty Stalberg)
Men’s Vets Doubles 2022 (2021 Champions Howard Cloke & Mark Chandler)
Men’s Super Vets Singles 2022 (2021 Champion Howard Cloke).

Tournament Rules and Guidelines

Each match is best of three sets with a championship tie breaker in the third set (first to ten, win by two clear points) unless otherwise agreed by both players prior to the start.

Each player/pair must endeavour to play their matches by the suggested date. Summer scheduling can be difficult due to holidays. If you are having trouble scheduling a match, please let Michael Elders know and if the match cannot be completed then the player/pair who made themselves available will progress.

Please update the draw with your score once the match is complete on the sheets in the clubhouse.

We will run a plate competition in the Men’s singles and Mixed doubles. This means that anyone knocked out in the FIRST round can add their names to the plate draw which will be posted in the clubhouse. These matches are then arranged and played as normal, however the finals will take place prior to finals day.

If you have any questions, please contact me on Whats App 07920511675 or by email

Michael Elders
Tournament Organiser

Contact Numbers

Paul Louden07956500055Guy Morrell07909 968681
Jane LADBURY07786854944Ramin07961004502
Tyron Stalberg07855507737Julie Heyworth07775893981
Matt Day07715752855John Marks07968140238
Lili-Rose Day (Jnr)07715752855Forbes Logan (Jnr)07516109071
Maria Bogatyreva07702443612Luke Wilson-Beales (Jnr)07557157114
Matt Bance07770160458Tom Phillips07785925747
Holly Miles07963777172Martha Pit (Jnr)07974415445
Howard Cloke07905 314343Alice Loughnane (Jnr)07812683685
Caroline Sweet07785307585James Cowad (Jnr)07808633611
Michael Elders07920511675Ceri Price07929935270
Ivan Reffell07711839948Mark Chandler07758 533595
Matthew Gregson07834802674Luke Burkitt07784565608
Daniel Redshaw07754616368Anita van Hensbergen07941312748
James Dunn07388913638Lucy LUTTMAN07956400777
Toby Uffindell-Phillips07796683197Chris Wain07833 591121